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The Vascular Centre continues to be at the forefront of vascular surgery in Bangalore as we add new complex and cutting edge procedures to our already extensive experience. The blog on the website about the activities of the vascular clinic and vascular surgery in Bangalore and India will contain updates on diseases and challenging treatments.

Vascular and Endovascular surgery have become especially relevant during the time of COVID. The reason for this is that COVID causes extensive vascular changes with blood clots forming al all parts of the body in some patients.

In most patients, this is managed with medicines but if critical blockages are there such as in acute arterial ischemia or deep vein thrombosis vascular and endovascular surgery procedures can be life and limb saving.

During this pandemic, we have gained extensive expertise in the management of such complex problems. Such problems have been treated with anti-coagulation, or embolectomy or thrombo-aspiration or thrombolysis as appropriate for the patient.

Since the Vascular Centre provides comprehensive care with both open surgery and minimally invasive ie endovascular procedures being available patients can get the treatment most appropriate to their disease and health.

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