Gangrene is the death of the part of a body-it may be a toe, a finger, a part of the intestine or a leg etc.
Gangrene is a dreaded disease and can be the result of a variety of conditions that cause blockage of blood supply to any part of the body. This may happen due to damage to the blood vessels due to high BP, cholesterol, smoking or other factors such as injury or accidents. Often gangrene is worsened by the development of infection- a condition known as wet gangrene. Wet gangrene can rapidly become a life threatening emergency. Gangrene treatment done appropriately and in a timely fashion can save both limb and life.
Gangrene occurs due to the lack of blood supply to that particular part of the body. This can be due to blockage of the blood vessels by fat deposits or blood clots or due to blockage as a consequence of infection.
Gangrene Treatment Cost
Gangrene is a dangerous condition that requires medical attention. Normally the part of the body suffering from gangrene needs to be removed. But gangrene treatment is very important for the condition that caused the gangrene to prevent it from appearing in other parts of the body.
The key to a good outcome in gangrene is to remove the infection and restore the blood flow to preserve whatever is still healthy.
Treatment of gangrene involves a variety of techniques that can include medicines, antibiotics, oxygen or surgery for gangrene. The surgery for gangrene may be a procedure called debridement wherein the damaged flesh is removed or may involve more major surgery. Gangrene treatment in India is carried out by a number of specialists but unfortunately, the very important part of preventing it from developing in other parts of the body sometimes gets missed.
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