What is Vascular Surgery

What is Vascular Surgery?

Vascular refers to blood vessels- the important tubes in the human body that deliver blood, oxygen and nutrition to all parts. Surgical treatments for diseases affecting blood vessels is known as vascular surgery.

What is Endovascular surgery?

Surgical treatments done without a cut is known as endovascular surgery. This includes procedures like angioplasty and stenting, similar to what is done in the heart.

What kind of disease can I get in my blood vessels?

Blood vessels develop two main kinds of problems-getting blocked or getting swollen.

What happens if my vessels get blocked?

A sudden blockage can cause severe pain in the affected part and may need emergency surgery to save life or limb.

A blockage that develops slowly can cause pain while walking, the development of painful non-healing wounds especially in the leg and can progress to gangrene and amputation.

What are aneurysms?

When a blood vessel gets swollen like a bubble, it is called an aneurysm. Aneurysms rarely cause any discomfort until they burst- if that happens survival chances are poor. Fortunately, most aneurysms can be detected easily with a simple ultrasound scan and the surgeons at Narayana can treat it in a variety of ways including the modern methods of endovascular repair with minimal cuts and very rapid recovery. The vascular team at Narayana is especially skilled in dealing with such problems and is actively involved in training surgeons in India and overseas in the management of this problem.

Who can develop the vascular disease?

Anyone can develop the vascular disease but those who smoke, are diabetic (high sugar), hypertensive (high blood pressure) are affected more often.

What is gangrene and diabetic foot?

When the blood supply to any part of the body is cut off, it gets no oxygen or nutrition and dies- this process is called gangrene. Diabetics are especially at risk of such problems due to a combination of vascular disease, nerve damage, and infection.

Such patients run the risk of amputation if not treated properly. Any painful or non-healing wound in the leg can progress to gangrene and amputation. The vascular team at Narayana has the facilities and the skills to diagnose and treat all aspects of diabetic foot problems and are able to save the leg for the vast majority of patients.

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