Iliac Artery Angioplasty and Stenting

The iliac artery is a blood vessel that carries blood from the main blood vessel in the body, the aorta, to the leg vessels. It is situated inside the abdomen and is a very curved vessel prone to calcium deposition and blockage. Surgery of the iliac artery involves abdominal surgery with prolonged recovery time. The endovascular approach of angioplasty and or stenting is a much faster way of treating blockages of the iliac artery.

Approach to the iliac artery can be through the blood vessels in the groin or through the arm most preferably the left arm.

Iliac Artery Angioplasty and Stenting

A wire is used to cross the area of blockage which is then dilated using a balloon. Occasionally the blockage persists requiring placement of a stent across the area of blockage.

Some patients have extremely calcified blood vessels. This category of patients benefits from the placement of a covered stent across the blockage as they have a higher chance of rupture during an angioplasty procedure. Iliac artery angioplasty is a safe procedure and can be done on a daycare basis in select patients.

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