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What are Varicose Veins & How Are They Treated?

People who have been doing lots of physical hard work since a young age often complain about swollen legs and veins. They are more than just swollen veins, though. Let us learn in a little detail about varicose veins today.

What are Varicose Veins?

This phenomenon occurs when there is increased pressure in the veins. This can result in swelling and twisting of the vein. Even though veins can get twisted and swollen in any part of our body, it is especially common in the legs. It is caused because of standing continuously and/or walking for a long time, which puts a lot of pressure on the lower body. Many people see spider veins on their limbs, which are a milder version of the varicose veins. These are generally just a cosmetic issue and do not cause pain. But, more severe ones do lead to a variety of problems and pain.

General Symptoms that a Doctor or Vein Specialist Advises People to Look Out for

The symptoms of varicose veins start on a smaller scale and go on to become severe later on. Hence, a varicose vein doctor in Bangalore and elsewhere might advise people to look out for the following symptoms and signs.

  • There is a change in the colour of veins. Initially, they are pink and red but go on to become a deeper shade of blue or purple with passing time.
  • The veins start bulging and twisting.
  • There could be heavy feeling or sensation in the lower body along with muscle cramps, throbbing, and burning. These symptoms worsen and can result in severe pain when you sit for long hours.

Treatment Options Offered by Every Varicose Vein Doctor in Bangalore and Other Cities

A variety of treatment options exist for varicose vein. What is appropriate for an individual patient shall be decided by the vein specialist and the patient in discussion.

Compression Stockings

When appropriate compression stockings become your go-to option. Those can be worn all day long if needed, especially when you are standing or sitting for long periods. They can also be used while walking. The compression helps in squeezing the lower body muscles, ensuring a more efficient blood flow. It is essential that the compression garments be of the size and pressure that is correct for you- wrong stockings can be useless or even harmful.


This procedures involves injecting the veins with foam or a solution. This solution scars the vein and closes it. A professional usually does it either in a single stage for smaller veins or in multiple sittings or sessions. It can work for all, small to large veins. Since it is not a surgical process, it does not need anesthesia. Not all patients are suitable for this procedure and it needs to be done by those with appropriate training for it to be safe and effective. AT the vascular centre this is nearly always done under ultrasound guidance for accuracy and safety.

Laser and Radio Frequency Treatment

These modern techniques have revolutionised the treatment of varicose veins as large ,ugly veins can be treated without any big cuts. Both these techniques use highly focussed methods to generate heat within the damaged vein and to close it off. This procedure must always be done by a vascular expert under ultrasound guidance to ensure the procedure remains safe and effective.

Removing Smaller Veins

There are various ways of removing a small vein, using methods like vein stripping and micro-phlebectomy. Micro-phlebectomy is a very effective method of removing damaged veins using micro incisions. These wounds heal very rapidly and tend to cause less long term irritation than sclerotherapy. It is often combined with laser or radiofrequency ablation.

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