Tear in Aorta Image

Emergency STENT GRAFT for aortic dissection in a case of RENAL TRANSPLANT

A young gentleman with high blood pressure and kidney failure had undergone a kidney transplant. The day after his surgery, while in ICU a tear in his aorta , the main blood vessel carrying blood from the heart was noticed. On evaluation with a CT scan a long tear in his aorta was seen starting from the chest till the blood vessel flowing into his left leg. Such tears in the aorta are seen in people who have high blood


CT scan showing pseudoaneurysm with right kidney bleed A middle aged lady had travelled over two thousand kms seeking treatment for a sudden abdomen pain that had started two days back and was worsening. Scans done at her hometown had shown her to have internal bleeding in her abdomen and physicians had expressed inability to manage this there. She was in discomfort and tests revealed that she had ruptured one of the blood vessels in

When To Seek Medical Help During The COVID Crisis.

The COVID crisis has completely debilitated the country’s healthcare services. All resources are now geared towards preparing for the possible huge numbers. Due to the risk of transmission and spread everyone is following social distancing and avoiding visiting hospitals. However even during this time other illness continues and there will be situations where you will need medical advice/ to visit a hospital. As a vascular patient listed below are some scenarios where you must seek medical help If you are a diabetic and