When To Seek Medical Help During The COVID Crisis

When To Seek Medical Help During The COVID Crisis

The COVID crisis has completely debilitated the country’s healthcare services. All resources are now geared towards preparing for the possible huge numbers.

Due to the risk of transmission and spread everyone is following social distancing and avoiding visiting hospitals.

However even during this time other illness continues and there will be situations where you will need medical advice/ to visit a hospital. As a vascular patient listed below are some scenarios where you must seek medical help

  1. If you are a diabetic and develop a painful leg wound especially if associated with fever, redness or blackness. This could be a very serious infection or the development of gangrene.
  2. Sudden severe pain, weakness and/or coldness in either arm or leg- this could be an embolus or a stroke.
  3. Painful swollen leg that develops over a few hours, especially if associated with difficulty in breathing- you could be having a Deep Vein Thrombosis i.e. DVT and Pulmonary Embolism.
  4. Sudden weakness/paralysis of one side of the body or limb or sudden loss or change in speech or swallowing or loss of vision in an eye- these can all be signs of a stroke.
  5. There are many other medical emergencies such as heart attack, low blood sugar, burst appendix, stuck hernia, pneumonia etc. that will continue to need medical care even while COVID continues.

Take care, practice social distancing and handwashing- each of us will keep everyone else safe.

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