The venous ulcer

Venous Ulcer

At presentation to the OPD

A 45 year old lorry driver came to the opd with complaints of a wound over his left leg that refused to heal since 8 months. He had undergone multiple consultations with general and plastic surgery teams but with no success. The patient had long working hours and was the sole breadwinner and the wound causing him pain and difficulty in working leading to a pay cut.

The vascular surgeons noticed that he had good supply of blood coming down to the foot and suspected problems with venous hypertension or problems in return of blood back to the heart. Tests were done to rule out any blood leakage in the leg and he was then taken up for an angiogram.

Blockage in Veins

The angiogram showed evidence of a blockage in his main vein draining the left leg inside his abdomen which was opened with angioplasty using a balloon.

Tight Blockage Opened with Angioplasty using a Balloon

After the procedure the patient was started on compression dressing and showed healing of the wound.

Wound after 2 weeks of angioplasty

The leg wound healed completely in 6 weeks and it has never recurred. The gentleman is back to work fulltime.

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