How Sclerotherapy Gets Rid of Small Varicose Veins?

How Sclerotherapy Gets Rid of Small Varicose Veins?

Sclerotherapy is a process, which is used for treating the malformations of blood vessels as well as malformations of the lymphatic system. During this procedure, a particular type of medicine is injected into the blood vessels, which would make them shrink. This treatment is done on children or young adults having vascular or lymphatic malformations. Whereas, in adults, sclerotherapy is usually used for treating spider veins, hemorrhoids, smaller varicose veins, and hydroceles.

Sclerotherapy is one of the best methods used for the treatments of varicose veins, spider veins, and venous malformations. In sclerotherapy, which is ultrasound-guided, ultrasound is used for visualizing the underlying veins so that it’s easy for the physician to deliver as well as monitor the injection given. This procedure is usually performed under the guidance of ultrasound only when the venous abnormalities are diagnosed properly using the duplex ultrasound. When performed under the ultrasound guidance with the help of microfoam, it turns out to be very effective in controlling the reflux from the sapheno-popliteal as well as sapheno-femoral junctions.

The painful varicose vein is much more than any simple and common ailment. A large number of the population has been affected by this condition and faces different types of complications. There are various treatments for this disease, sclerotherapy is one of the best out of many available in today’s times. This sclerotherapy treatment is considered to be the golden standard among the various treatments available for varicose veins for the patients willing to overcome the problem of the ugly spider vein formed on legs.

Is this treatment efficient enough to satisfy you with the results?

Sclerotherapy is a safe as well as easy procedure for people with varicose veins. Unlike other surgeries in the procedure of sclerotherapy, it involves the physician injecting a particular solution into the patient’s spider veins in order to make the veins less visible and clump.

The physician checks the condition of the patient’s varicose veins and decides the number of injections required for them after analyzing the severity of those veins. The procedure of this whole treatment is quite easy and basic, non-invasive, and very less painful when compared to the surgeries. All the best physicians across the globe have confirmed that it is completely true that this treatment is less painful, easy, and safe. You can access a top vascular surgeon in Bangalore for the best advice about your treatment.

The best treatment for the early signs

Sclerotherapy is the best way for treating the early signs or symptoms of varicose veins. The doctors or physicians recommend sclerotherapy especially for the people who show the early signs or symptoms of the spider veins because of family history. The veins present inside the human body are quite small and, thus, it’s quite easy to eliminate them with the procedure of sclerotherapy, provided that the patients would not be required to undergo different types of sessions just for making the varicose veins on the legs disappear from there.

Excellent results gained by the treatment of sclerotherapy

As per the statistics provided by the AAD, American Academy of Dermatology the patients, who are required to go through the treatment of sclerotherapy for the disease of varicose veins, have around 90% of chances for improving the appearance of these veins on their body after the treatment is performed on them. But for getting such a good result, it’s important to choose a good physician for yourself. Contact a varicose vein specialist in Bangalore in order to get the best physician for your treatment. With the proper maintenance and treatment, it’s easy for the patients to keep their bodies free of varicose veins for a long time.

Sclerotherapy — comparatively cheaper than other procedures

Statistics have shown that sclerotherapy is found to be relatively cheaper in comparison with other laser treatments and offers the same results even though it costs less. Most doctors performing the sclerotherapy charges a different amount of money for the treatment depending on the number of sessions required as well as the severity of the vein condition. Some other doctors charge money according to the number of veins treated in the procedure.

Combination of treatments

Physicians could also use sclerotherapy along with some other treatment. Some patients have varicose veins, which are very easily visible. And, for such conditions, the doctors might advise them a treatment that is a combination of different procedures, laser tech, and sclerotherapy. First, they use clarity therapy for treating the major portion of the area affected and after that, they use lasers in the delicate areas as well as at the veins tip.

No major or serious complications

As already mentioned, sclerotherapy is a safe treatment for veins where there are no serious complications or side effects. Discoloration, bruising, muscle cramps are some of the common side effects of this treatment but they are temporary and easily handled with your doctor’s help. In case you have an allergic reaction to any of the solutions to be used, make sure you inform your doctor on time.

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