Emergency STENT GRAFT for aortic dissection in a case of RENAL TRANSPLANT

Tear in Aorta Image

A young gentleman with high blood pressure and kidney failure had undergone a kidney transplant. The day after his surgery, while in ICU a tear in his aorta , the main blood vessel carrying blood from the heart was noticed. On evaluation with a CT scan a long tear in his aorta was seen starting from the chest till the blood vessel flowing into his left leg. Such tears in the aorta are seen in people who have high blood pressure. The team of vascular sugeon was called in. We also found that the flow in the patients right leg was less and it looked like the tear had cut off flow to the newly transplanted kidney.

The patient was taken up for emergency angiography which confirmed reduced blood flow to the transplanted kidney.

Reduced Blood Flow to the Transplanted Kidney

Stent graft was deployed to seal the tear in the aorta through small incisions in the groin restoring flow to the kidney and legs.

Stent Graft
Blood Flow to Kidney Restored

Timely restoration of blood flow to the newly transplanted kidney resulted in the resumption of kidney function which would have otherwise been lost because of this unfortunate event.

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