CT scan showing pseudoaneurysm with right kidney bleed

A middle aged lady had travelled over two thousand kms seeking treatment for a sudden abdomen pain that had started two days back and was worsening. Scans done at her hometown had shown her to have internal bleeding in her abdomen and physicians had expressed inability to manage this there. She was in discomfort and tests revealed that she had ruptured one of the blood vessels in her right kidney forming a pseudoaneurysm and her hemoglobin had fallen to 6g% with lot of blood collected around her right kidney. The lady was stabilised with blood transfusions.

The Vascular surgeons successfully sealed the leaking blood vessel by approaching through a minimally invasive technique via a needle inserted in her groin. She was discharged the following day.

     Endovascular treatment with sealing of bleeding vessel

Such a condition if managed by open surgery would have been a high risk procedure with high blood loss, possibility of having to remove the kidney or part of it and an extended hospital stay. This was avoided by use of the minimally invasive endovascular treatment approach leading to early and safe resolution of a dangerous situation.

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