6 Hidden Dangers if You Ignore Varicose Veins

6 Hidden Dangers if You Ignore Varicose Veins

6 Hidden Dangers if You Ignore Varicose Veins

Painful varicose veins could be a symptom of an underlying serious problem, like skin infection, open sore, and blood clot. If the patient has varicose veins that have grown to become painful, then it can be a sign of more serious complications and the patient may need to see the doctor immediately.

Painful varicose veins could get worse if left untreated and as the varicose veins worsen, the patient could develop various newer complications. In this blog, we discuss the 6 top hidden damages that the patient should not ignore and seek immediate DVT Treatment in India.

  • Leg swelling

While pressure develops inside the veins, the liquid from the blood could leak into surrounding tissues. This could cause swelling. The symptoms of swelling could involve a taut sensation within the skin, or a kind of impression that gets left in the skin after the removal of shoes and socks. In worst cases, the shoes may no longer fit in your leg as your leg would have become swollen. Yellowish or clear fluid could also be leaked by the skin. These symptoms could however improve with the elevation of the leg and by wearing specific elastic socks known as compression stockings. When the swelling persists, it could lead to various skin changes such as changes in skin color or hardening of the skin.

  • Skin ulcers

According to experts at the vascular clinic, varicose veins could result in swelling, which could gradually cause various changes in the skin. When this happens, the skin takes a lot of time to heal even from minor injuries. The reason for this is the swollen tissue which greatly restricts oxygen and nutrients from reaching into the affected or injury region, thus prolonging the process of healing. The constant stress and tension in the tissue could prevent healing, which could lead to the creation of ulcers that are non-healing. Reducing the resultant swelling is the key treatment method for these ulcers.

  • Skin infection

Whenever a tissue gets stretched due to swelling, it intervenes in the natural defence system of the body against any infection. Any kind of bacteria which is normally not present in the skin could enter the body through the injured region and cause an infection in your skin called cellulitis. This swelling could increase followed by a general area of warmth and redness. You would need some kind of medication to treat the infections in your skin. By reducing the swelling, you could also help resolve the injection in your skin.

  • Bleeding

According to experts at the Vascular Clinic, varicose veins often contain greater than normal qualities of blood right beneath the skin surface. If any of the varicose veins are cut or hit, this could involve a significant quantity of bleeding, which would be more than what is normally expected. If your skin is not broken, then there could be distinctive bruising. If your injury is deeper or larger, it could take more time than usual to stop the bleeding.

  • Thrombophlebitis

In the varicose vein condition, the chances of blood clotting are much higher. Almost 3% of patients with the varicose vein condition will generate blood clots. In this case, the vein could become hard, gradually making the area warm and painful to touch.

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

According to a deep vein thrombosis doctor specialist, In almost 25% of the patients that experience blood clots due to varicose veins, these clots further develop into deep vein thrombosis. This is a severe condition that needs immediate medical attention. The leg could be warm, red, painful, and swollen. The greatest risk is all or part of this blood clot might break away and move into the lungs. This could cause pulmonary embolism, a hazardous condition.

If you are suffering from a varicose vein condition and it has become painful, then you should seek immediate medical care and assistance. If you have a swollen leg or a varicose vein that is causing severe pain, then you should consult a non-healing ulcers doctor immediately and seek a better diagnosis for deep vein thrombosis from a deep vein thrombosis doctor specialist.

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